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Welcome to the ISCB Student Council Newsletter!

Regional Science Groups

Regional Science Groups (RSGs) were implemented and conceptualized by the Student Council in 2006 with the aim to promote a collaborative environment for research, and to foster interaction and communication between various scientific groups working on research in the field of computational biology. A decade later, the Student council comprises of 26 RSGs throughout the world comprising of research fellows and graduate students conducting large scale events and focus groups actively working on building a strong platform for bringing together the scientific community in the field of Computational Biology in their respective countries. Some of the various RSGs of the student council include United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Northern Africa, Belgium, Mexico, Netherlands, Australia , Luxembourg, India and a few others.

Web links to the contacts (including links to facebook and/or twitter along with further information on the various RSG can be found here:

Country Website Facebook Twitter
UK @iscb_rsg_uk
Denmark @cbiovikings
France @JeBiF
Switzerland @rsg_switzerland
Brazil @RSGBrazil
Argentina @RSGArgentina
Northern Africa
Belgium @RSGBelgium

RSG Events (2015)

•2nd Bioinformatics Student Symposium, RSG-UK (Oct 7th, 2015)
•The World of 3D, RSG-Denmark (Feb 26th, 2015)
•Fighting Cancer with Bioinformatics, RSG-Denmark (Nov 21st, 2015)
•3rd Bioinformatics Student Symposium and Keynote Speech by Dr. Jörg Menche,
RSG-Turkey (Oct 17th, 15),
•RSG-France (Jul 5th-6th, 2015)
•Bioinformatics: prospects and challenges - Student meetings, RSG Brazil (Nov 3th, 2015).
•Benelux Bioinformatics Conference Student Symposium, (Dec 6th, 2015), RSGs Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France
•NCBI Molecular Biology Resources & Tools, (Oct 27-29, 2015), RSGs Northern Africa
•ISCB-RSGs African Student Symposium, (Mar 8th, 2015), RSGs Africa
•Satellite Workshops of Julia Language and Relational Databases (October 12-13, 2015). RSG-Argentina.
•Web-servers workshop (Nov 23). RSG-Argentina
•1st Argentinian Wikipedia Hackathon of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. RSG-Argentina.
•RSG Belgium Symposium (May 28, 2015) RSG Belgium
•Ecological networks and Systems Biology mini-courses at the EOBM / ENBM 2015 (Nov 9th). RSG Mexico
•Workshop on NGS at ICTer (August 23, 2015), the first event organized by RSG Sri Lanka
•BioSB PhD retreat 2015 (19 May) RSG Netherlands
•Company visit at the Hyve (3 Sept) RSG Netherlands
•COMBINE Student Symposum 2015 (Friday, 9th October, 2015) RSG Australia
•Full list of RSG Australia events, workshops etc.:

RSG Events in Future (2016)
•Bioinformatics in Food Production, January 2016, RSG-Denmark
•Symposium on reproducibility in computational research using Open Source software, April 2016, RSG-Denmark
•Workshop @ JOBIM 2016 Lyon, June 27 2016, RSG France
•JeBiF Pub (Come drink a beer with bioinformaticians of your city), once a month in Paris and every other month in other cities, RSG France
•Round Tables with master students, December 2015/January 2016, RSG France (in french)
•Student meeting and workshop, November 2016, RSG Brazil
•RSG- Northern Africa Student Symposium, Nov 2016
•RSG-Africa Introduction to NGS webinar Series, Feb-Jun 2016
•RSG Belgium Symposium (May 2016, Leuven), RSG Belgium
•RSG Belgium Beer time (Oktober 2016, Antwerp) RSG Belgium
•2nd Latin American ISCB Student Council Symposium (November 2016, Buenos Aires) RSG Argentina, organizer committee.
•BioSB PhD retreat (18 April) RSG Netherlands
•Webinar series on Bioinformatics tools (April, 2016) RSG-Sri Lanka
•COMBINE Student Symposium 2016 (likely October 2016 in Brisbane, Australia) details will be posted here: Australia