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Text Mining

Text Mining
Text mining in predicting gene cancer relationships
Aischarya Brahma, Garmia Choudhary
Vellore Institute of Technology University, India

This paper motivates the need for a concerted effort in the area of integration of biological knowledge, both by outlining the genes related to a particular type of cancer and also various types of cancer related to a particular gene.

Download PDF of full abstract.

Text Mining
Mining of methodological choices in phylogenetic workflows and why your supervisor may not have all the answers
James Eales, John Pinney, Robert Stevens, David Robertson
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

We have developed a methodology for mining phylogenetic methodologies from full text journal articles. A survey of 21,866 articles yielded a set of phylogenetic workflows that were used differentially between scientific fields. This methodology provides a vital improvement in the communication of experimental workflows between researchers.

Download PDF of full abstract.