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Gene Prediction

Gene Prediction
Gene analysis of a newly isolated lassa virus strain
Lawrence Okoror, Fred Esumeh, Hilary Alaiya
Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria

Lassa virus is the cause of morbidity and mortality in parts of West Africa with yearly out breaks. We analyse the gene of a newly isolated strain Ng04-02 using global alignment, multiple sequence alignment, gene ontology (amigo), genscan, fgenesh, geneid. From this we suggest that the yearly out break new strains which evade circulating antibodies.

Download PDF of full abstract.

Gene Prediction
Defining The Secretome: A Gene Model Extender For Secreted Proteins
Zhongqiang Chen, Amit Bahl, Axel Bernal, Qian Liu, Manami Nishi, Bo Wu, Fernando Pereira, David Roos
University of Pennsylvania, United States

Successful identification of secreted proteins (the secretome) requires accurate gene model prediction, particularly for the first exon, which encompasses most signal peptides. We have developed an automated method for correcting gene predictions to identify coding exons containing secretory (or other) signals, utilizing both inter-species (comparative genomics) and intra-species information.

Download PDF of full abstract.