We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed our first keynote speaker: Prof. Ruth Nussinov (Professor and Senior Principal Investigator, National Cancer Institute and Tel Aviv University). Prof. Nussinov is one of the leading scientists in the Structural Computational Biology Field.

Ruth Nussinov’s algorithm for the prediction of RNA secondary structure is still the leading method. She proposed ‘Conformational Selection and Population Shift’ as an alternative to the textbook ‘Induced-Fit’ model in molecular recognition. Her recent studies unveiled the key role of allostery under normal conditions and in disease and the principles of allosteric drug discovery. She uncovered the structural basis for cancer signaling, and its mechanistic principles; predicted GTP-dependent K-Ras dimer structures and suggested that K-Ras4B dimerizes via two distinct interfaces and explained the consequences for Raf’s activation and MAPK signaling; elucidated calmodulin’s role in KRAS-driven adenocarcinomas; the critical role of oncogenic KRAS in the initiation of cancer through deregulation of the G1 cell cycle, and proposed a new view of Ras isoforms. This new view argues for multiple signaling states of palmitoylated Ras isoforms, such as K-Ras4A. This view questions the completeness and accuracy of small GTPase Ras isoform statistics in different cancer types and calls for reevaluation of concepts and protocols. Importantly, the multiple signaling states also call for reconsideration of oncogenic Ras therapeutics.

Dr. Nussinov serves as the Editor-in-Chief of PLOS Computational Biology and she is an elected Fellow of the Biophysical Society. She is a Highly Cited Researcher (ranking among the top 3000 researchers or 1% across all fields according to Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators, http://highlycited.com/ (link is external) "earning them the mark of exceptional impact").

[Source: https://ccr.cancer.gov/Cancer-and-Inflammation-Program/ruth-nussinov]

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