As a global network of students, the ISCB Student Council would like to reaffirm its support for all scientists especially computational biologists, of all stages, around the globe. We echo the views of our parent organization in current global uncertain times.

The Student Council has worked hard for more than a decade reinforcing diversity in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology. Our organisation has always had, and will continue to promote, a culture of inclusiveness, equality, and open science. We strongly believe that international collaborations and contributions are what makes science successful and moves it forward.

We, at the Student Council, put scientific progress above all for the advancement of the community. As a promoter of scientific harmony, we extend our solidarity to all students and researchers who are being affected by the recent unhelpful and discriminatory directives in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

ISCB Student Council

Upcoming Events

Student Council Symposium 2018
Directly preceding ISMB 2018
6 July 2018
Chicago, USA

European Student Council Symposium 2018
Directly preceding ECCB 2018
8 September 2018
Athens, Greece

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