The Student Council started its career development initiative called Student Council Career Central (SCCC) with a booth at ISMB/ECCB 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. This initiative is an endeavor by the Student Council to address the needs of recruiters and job seekers in the area of computational biology.

SCCC provides a platform for research institutes and companies to attract some of the best talents in computational biology from the Student Council community and attendees at ISCB conferences all over the world. Sponsors are invited to conduct recruitment sessions and purchase resumes of bioinformaticians looking for jobs.

During ISMB and ECCB the SCCC currently holds a career seminar, providing students with information on the future career prospects. At the SC booth at the conference, the SCCC provides an interactive job posting board experience, where job advertisers can be connected with job seekers through 15 minute informal interviews organized during the conference.

Please e-mail Career Central if you have any queries.


Upcoming Events

Student Council Symposium 2018
Directly preceding ISMB 2018
6 July 2018
Chicago, USA

European Student Council Symposium 2018
Directly preceding ECCB 2018
8 September 2018
Athens, Greece

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